CCF 8OZ(D90MM) Paper Food Buckets (Hot/Cold Use) - Blue 1000 Pieces/Case

CCF 8OZ(D90MM) Paper Food Buckets (Hot/Cold Use) - Blue 1000 Pieces/Case

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The yogurt/soup cups are great for use with frozen desserts such as yogurt and ice cream or hot food items such as soup or noodles. All of these containers feature a double poly lining for extra strength to prevent leaking.

Cups come in 1000 pieces/case, each quantity is 1 case.

8oz is 90MM diameter.

There are a variety of colors and designs available!

Also available in other sizes: 8oz, 12oz, 16oz, 20oz, 24oz, 28oz, 32oz.

*Lids sold separately*

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-Made with double PE coating recyclable board.
-It can be used for both hot and cold food, generally for quick-serve restaurant and to-go purposes only. It should not be used for cooking and should not be stored in the freezer. It can only be refrigerated or be used to reheat. Safe heat resistance of the PE coating is about 200 degrees Fahrenheit.
-The paper cups are recyclable in certain states only. Some states are unable to recycle the paper cups because of their process not the material.
-Neither biodegradable nor compostable. Only paper cups with PLA coating are compostable or biodegradable.