3 Ways To Be More Eco-Friendly In 2022

The New York Times shared a study on reducing your carbon footprint. But before doing that, you need to calculate the impact your lifestyle and choices have on the environment.

The report also included a method to calculate your carbon footprint. You can also use this calculator for free.

While many would think they need to know the amount they spend on gas every week, the calculation also considers the composition of your diet, not just that, but how you eat and your choices every day.

Here are some ways to be more eco-friendly in the year 2022, which include small to-dos like 'shop ECO-Friendly Paper Straws.'

Walk, Cycle, And Run

Don't go for the long drives. Instead, take out that rusty bike from the yard and go for a ride. It's a great calorie burner. Save on gas as well as on your car's wear and tear. If you can, carpool with a friend or opt for local transport.

                     paper cup

Switch To Eco-Friendly Products

From green clothes to eco-friendly disposable containers- there are better options everywhere. You need to pick wisely. 

Pick from containers, lids, and cup holders made from bagasse which is 100% compostable. Similarly, instead of styrofoam, choose molded fiber wheat straw containers for food storage. 

These are not only safer for humans but are also 100% compostable which means you and your business decrease your carbon footprint. 

And of course, don't forget to say no to the plastic bag. Use a reusable tote instead.

Pick Our Eco-Friendly Straws

"It's just one straw." One million people said before they tossed their plastic straws into the ocean.

Now multiply that effect, and you get the idea why plastic straws are so problematic for the environment and contribute to global warming, water pollution, and damage to our oceans and the Ozone layer.

Plastic straws have harmed the environment for almost a century; by manufacturing eco-friendly paper straws that disintegrate swiftly and are made of BPA-free materials, we can improve our planet. Switch to paper straws. Straw made from paper can radically change the world since they are bio-degradable.

Shop For Eco-Friendly Food Packaging

It will take all of us to work together to see the change we want. This is why at The Custom Cup Factory, we have a 'clean and green' collection, so you can shop for eco-friendly food packaging and custom supplies for your home and business.

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