Store Policy

Price Matching

We strive to bring you the lowest prices possible. If a competitor is offering the same product for less, contact us and give us a chance to beat their offer. 

No-Risk Guarantee

Here at Custom Cup Factory we treat you, how we would want to be treated.  No hidden surprises or charges — delivered just as you ordered it, every time. You can shop with Custom Cup Factory knowing that your order is important to us, and that we promise to make sure you are happy  with your purchase.

Free Product Samples

We get it, it's tough to make a purchase without first seeing and feeling what you're buying. Contact us, because free samples are available for a variety of our products.  And if you are local, drop by, don't be a stranger.

Friendly, Knowledgeable Customer Support

We have on-call assistance to support you every step of the way. Your order is managed by a dedicated account representative, so give us a call! You’ll be connected with a real human who’s equipped to give real help.

Professional Design Expertise

To ensure your Custom Print order is just right, we offer personal support from our expert designers. Before we create your order, we review your design to make sure it will  be printed nicely on your item of choice. Ask about our “Free Design Offer” with Custom Prints.