Bagasse Molded Fiber Series

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Are you trying to find a long-term, eco-friendly solution for your takeout needs? Our bagasse molded fiber takeout containers offer the perfect solution. The remaining fibers from crushing the stalks to get juice are what make up sugarcane waste. After that, it is expertly molded into a range of shapes for packaging. This allows our bagasse packaging to be 100% compostable and biodegradable, reducing the amount of waste that ends up in landfills.

About Our Bagasse Molded Fiber Series

The natural look of our bagasse molded fiber products have an aesthetic appeal that works well with any branding. Perfect for salads, burgers, fish and chips, and more. Whether you're serving hot or cold food, our bagasse molded fiber's adaptability allows it to meet a variety of packaging needs. They are microwave-safe, allowing you to easily warm up your meals, and freezer-safe for convenient storage. Our products provide safe containment for your food items since they are built to last. It provides durability without compromising the sustainable component.

Why Get Bagasse Molded Fiber from Custom Cup Factory?

At Custom Cup Factory, we care about the environment more than just providing environmentally friendly packaging. Our line of molded fibers made from bagasse is proof of sustainability. By selecting our products, you help to reduce waste, bringing your company into compliance with environmentally responsible standards.

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