About Us

Custom Cup Factory LLC (CCF) is specializing in disposable food & beverage containers for both hot and cold food.  We offer a great variety of packaging products such as paper and plastic food containers, paper and plastic cups, coffee cups, food pails, soup bowls, popcorn bowls, yogurt and ice cream cups, paper straws, etc. With a young, energetic, and innovative team, we are proud to say that we provide the best, most careful service, quality product, and affordable price! By cooperating with some of the top manufacturing companies, we ensure the best purchase experience for our customers!  We can guarantee quality and customization without the high price tag. Order your Custom Print Cups with us today, because we make ordering custom cups and containers simple, affordable and hassle-free for everyone: wholesale buyers, small business owners, wedding planners and special event organizers. 
Your personal custom designers can help your business create a unique brand logo. A strong branding creates instant recognition in the marketplace. The bigger you build your brand, the easier it is to create better opportunities for your business. Your goal with branding should be, to build loyalty and share your customer’s values. Do this right, and do it now.  Let us help design your next Custom Printed Cups or Containers for free with any Custom order!