Custom Print Sealing Film
Custom Print Sealing Film
Custom Print Sealing Film
Custom Print Sealing Film
Custom Print Sealing Film
Custom Print Sealing Film

Custom Print Sealing Film

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- This $200.00 deposit is NON-REFUNDABLE and can only be applied as a credit toward your custom print order as a credit.

- Custom Print Minimum Order Quantity: 50,000 - 250,000 pieces

- Lead Time:  12 - 15 weeks


Sealing your products will help them last longer and give them a more professional appearance. Another benefit is that sealer films use less plastic than traditional lids making them better for the environment.  This will also cut down on your storage needs.  A single roll of sealer film can seal 2000 - 3000 cups, compare that to the traditional lids! Putting your own logo on your sealer film is also a great way to promote and build your brand. 

Plastic Sealer Films come in many different sizes, styles and materials.  We have PP Plastic, PE Plastic, PET-ES Plastic, Aluminum Foil and Paper Films available in both custom print and clear designs.

Free Design Service: Work with our experienced designers and empower your brand identity. 

Custom Printing: Our proprietary printing method will ensure your artwork comes out looking fresh and clean. Printing with food grade ink, no poison, no harm to human body. 

To order this product or reach us with any questions give us a call, email or use the chat button on the bottom right. We'd love to chat with you and provide you more information on design, sizing, and more!


When choosing your sealing film it is important to make sure that it is compatible with the type of cup or container that you are sealing.  For example, a film like PP will only stick to PP cups while a film like PET-ES film will stick to almost all cups including most PLA Cups.



Pre-cut plastic lids made of PET are a popular alternative to aluminium lids. The print quality achievable is higher because the plastic surface is white allowing improved graphic quality and colour definition. When transparent or clear PET with a heat-seal lacquer is used, the consumer can easily visualise the packaged product making it a highly versatile material. Metallised polyester (MET-PET) gives the lid a metallic surface and improved barrier properties.
PET lids are less costly to transport, they travel better and do not tear when peeled. Their high puncture resistance reduces the risk of leakers and product return. Plastic die-cut lids also allow the use of "end of line" metal detection, vital in food production and testing.

PP Sealing Films

PP Sealing films are made out of PP Plastic and are only made to be used with PP containers.  They form a strong bond and are not meant to be peeled off.  This type of film is the most common type of film and is commonly used with 95mm PP Cups.

PET-ES Sealing Films

PET-ES Sealing Films are our most versatile films and can be used for most containers.  It can be used with PP Plastic, PET Plastic, Paper, Styrofoam and most PLA containers.

Paper Sealing Films

are becoming a popular option for replacing plastic sealer films.  Our paper films are coated in PE plastic so that they remain water-proof.  Paper films are able to be used with PE Paper Cups as well as some PP Cups .  Also most paper cups are 90mm so they will need a 90mm sealer machine or a 95mm sealer machine with a 90mm adapter ring.

Paper films come in generic print and also custom printing.


Sealing Film Temperatures

Each type of sealing film and cup that you use will have a different recommended temperature.

Our in house designers work with you to come up with a design you love.

Our team will guide you through the process, ensures every custom design gets treated with care and precision, make it easy for you and take your brand to the next level!