4 Creative Ways to Use Custom-Printed Food Containers for Marketing

You may not know this, but food containers are more than just disposable packaging to carry or store food in. For most successful food brands and businesses, they are an excellent marketing opportunity to explore and benefit from.

They use custom printing on their food containers to take advantage of its marketing capabilities. Let’s discuss 4 creative ways you can use custom-printed food containers for marketing your food brand:

1. Tell Your Story

While putting your brand name, logo, message, and colors on custom-printed food containers is an excellent marketing tactic, you should consider a small section to tell your brand story. But make sure it doesn’t take up the entire container.

You can talk about the origins of your food brand, its vision, or anything that you think will attract the customer and make them remember your food brand. This helps create a connection with your customer and allows your brand to stand out from the competition.

Uniqueness like this is crucial for branding and marketing, because it is how audiences recognize and remember your food brand.

2. Utilize Empty Spaces

You can use custom printing in a unique way to highlight empty, transparent spaces in your print design. For example, you can color-invert your brand logo and display it using the transparent material of your food container.

Not only will this help you stand out, but customers will be able to see the delicious food inside, through the empty spaces of your inverted logo.

3. Incorporate QR Codes

While QR codes on custom-printed food containers for marketing is nothing new, you can still use them in creative ways. For example, you can print a secret QR code on the lid of your food brand’s deli containers, and not label what the QR code is for.

This will engage and intrigue customers to scan the code and check out what it is. You can link the code to your food brand’s website, social media page, or do something special like give customers a special offer or discount on their next order.

You can even use these QR codes to engage customers into creating user-generated content, which can help drive your digital marketing.

4. Showcase Your Brand’s Sustainable Choices

Customers are becoming increasingly aware of all the environmental issues of the world. Food brands and businesses are rapidly shifting to eco-friendly and sustainable products and practices, to reduce their carbon footprint and appeal to this growing market segment.

If your food brand uses eco-friendly food packaging materials, organic ingredients, gluten-free ingredients, or other such sustainable practices, you can highlight them in your custom prints. Label your food containers “organic,” “compostable,” “allergen free,” “green,” etc.

If you are honest and do this with integrity, these labels can showcase your food brand’s sustainable choices, which is great for your brand image, marketing, and sales.

Final Thoughts

The aforementioned creative ways to use custom-printed food containers for marketing can help your food brand take its packaging and marketing up many notches. You should consider using all of them for improved branding and marketing solutions.

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