5 Paper Straw and Paper Plate Projects for Kids

Paper plates and straws are one of the most versatile materials out there, making them ideal for children’s entertainment. They are inexpensive, and there are endless ways to utilize them in kid’s projects. Most importantly, they are safe materials. You can hand them over to kids without worrying too much.

Kids love paper plates and paper straw crafts. Nothing beats it in terms of diversity and frugality. It allows you to create various fun, unique, and creative things. Kids can use them on their own as well. Whether it’s a school project, summer camp activity, or birthday party planning, kids can use paper plates and straws to make several crafty projects.

In this blog, we have rounded up some unique and crafty project ideas for kids that they can make using paper plates and paper straws.

Matching Alphabets and Numbers

You can make a memory game using paper plates. It’s a great activity for younger kids and helps them learn the alphabet, numbers, small words, etc. Most kids feel bored learning the conventional way. Hence, you can make learning fun and entertaining for them using this method. This project is an excellent idea for kinetic learners. It allows them to move around and learn at the same time.

A Marble Maze

This activity is so intriguing and fun that even adults can’t resist. All you need is paper plates and some colorful paper straws. You can build a maze using the straws on the plate and try to pass the marble through it. It’s an engaging activity that increases the attention span of kids.  

A Paper Plate Calendar

This smart and interactive paper plate calendar is a great way to teach children about time and dates. They can even learn how to use a real calendar quickly. Kids can learn to count days of the week and months of the year using this interactive calendar.

                            Orange and white paper straws

Ring Toss

Kids can make their game of ring and toss using paper plates and paper straws. It will keep them engaged, and they can unleash their creative side while crafting the project. Cut out paper plates to make rings; the kids can paint and decorate them to their liking. Additionally, they can use paper straws to make the vertical stand where the rings need to be tossed.

A Paper Frisbee

These paper plate Frisbees are no less than the real ones. They fly great, and the kids can make it themselves. All they need is a few paper plates, paints, and scissors, and they are good to go.

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