5 Ways to Attract More Customers to Your Business—Don't Miss No.3!

Was your New Year resolution to attract more customers? But now you're way into the Halloween season without a significant increase in your customer base?

It's not too late yet. You can attract more customers to your business if you try these simple tactics. Tactics like Holiday discounts and promoting sustainability through eco-friendly packaging can boost your conversions. Click here to order eco-friendly utensils and disposables for your food service business.

1. Customer Promotions and Discounts

Most customers look for deals and value. You can entice them with special offers and seasonal discounts. Since we're reaching the Holiday season, it would be the best strategy to promote your discounts around the Christmas theme.

Besides Holidays, you can offer other special deals such as gift wrapping or buy one get one offer. Track your customers' shopping habits to see which offer they're redeeming and what they're buying the most.

2. Determine Your Communication Channel

One way to attract more customers is to find out which channel or platform they frequent the most. Is it email or social media? Or perhaps they prefer to meet in person?

Gather data from the current customer base but don't rely on a single channel. The best strategy is to target customers via multiple channels but ensure that your message is unified across each platform.

3. Eco-Friendly Packaging

Customers prefer sustainable packaging, and nearly 70% of them will pay more for eco-friendly packaging. Given the climate change concerns, customers want to do business with sustainably-responsible companies.

Hence, eco-friendly packaging such as recyclable cardboard boxes, paper shopping bags, disposable cups, and paper straws are some ways to reduce your business's eco-imprint. Besides, these tactics also promote positive word of mouth for your brand.

4. Customer Referrals

If you have a loyal customer base, use it to your advantage. Existing customers can be an excellent source of gaining new customers. Create a systematic approach instead of passively waiting for your customers to bring in their family, colleagues, or friends. This active control will help you solicit referrals and increase your customer base.

You can create referral-generating activities in your sales funnel. For instance, follow-up emails are a great way to communicate with customers to ensure they're happy with their buying decision. Later, you can send another follow-up email to offer incentives to customers who refer more clients your way.

5. Website Updates

Online search is the one way B2B buyers and customers search for new businesses. You must update your website so the right audience can find you. Review your SEO marketing tactics and consider a device-first approach since more people use mobile phones for browsing.

Too many graphics is a customer turn-off because it slows down the speed. Hire SEO experts and web development services if you don't have an in-house team.

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