6 Tips to Plan an Incredible House Warming Party

Once you unpack and settle down in your new place, you will want to share the happiness with your loved ones. So, you have decided to throw a housewarming party to invite your friends and family.

But planning an awesome housewarming party requires careful planning, food decisions, seating arrangement, and whatnot.

Don’t worry! We’ve put together this guide to help you plan your party. And if you need help with getting disposable utensils for the party, Custom Cup Factory can help!

1. Party Planning

Take some time to settle into your new place before you throw a party. Don’t rush into the process of unpacking and decorating your home to prepare your home for the party.

Once you’re settled down, make a checklist to start the preparations in an organized manner. Your to-do list should include party invites, a guest list, a food menu, and seating arrangements.

2. Food and Drink Decision

Serve finger food instead of hosting brunch or dinner. Finger food is an easy choice for a housewarming party because it’s easy to clean up. Finger foods such as vegetable wraps, sandwiches, mini cheese enchiladas, or rolls are some of the food ideas.

For the drinks, you can go with an assortment of iced tea, sparkling water, soda, and coffee. You can serve alcohol or stock some wine and beer for guests to help themselves.

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3. Seating Arrangement

If you’re planning an intimate party with only close friends or family members, you wouldn’t need a lot of seats. However, planning a housewarming party for dozens of guests will take care of the planning.

Though your guests will mill around to see your house, you should have enough seats if anyone wants to sit down. While you’ll have chairs and a couch, you should keep an ottoman, stools, and folding chairs for additional seating.

4. Party Invites

In this age of digital connection, dropping an invitation via text message is an easy option. But if you want to stand out, create unique invitations. For instance, take a photo of your new home and use the image to create the invitation.

This way, your guests will have the first introduction to your house. Add necessary information such as the time and date of the party and directions so your guests can find your place easily.

5. Party Aura

Suppose you want your guests to have a lasting impression and light-scented candles to create a cozy atmosphere. Avoid strong fragrances, as some people can be allergic to certain smells. Go for pleasant fragrances that feature food scents such as vanilla and pumpkin pie.

Lighting will also create an inviting aura. If you have invested in good lighting, now is the time to show it off to your guests.

6. Background Music

Choose background music to keep the party light and fun. Soft rock, jazz, and classical music are some of the ideal music choices. It’ll help the guests enjoy the house tour.

A group of people at a party tossing wine glasses

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