7 Disposable Cup Ideas for Your Café

The food and beverage industry shifted to a takeout model following the pandemic. Today, having branded disposables for restaurants, coffee shops, and bars is important.

Disposables are ideal for spreading word of mouth and preventing plastic pollution. If you’re interested in getting custom-printed disposable cups for your café, order here or continue reading this post for more inspiration.

1. Funny Disposable Cups

Funny punchlines, pick-up lines, or one-liners on disposable cups can create a unique brand image. You can customize the disposable cups with your brand’s logo on one side and a funny one-liner on the other. It’ll create a gleeful brand image.

2. Literary Disposable Cups

If your customer base loves literature, this might be a great idea to attract them. A disposable cup with illustrations, literary quotes, and short stories can create a unique brand image for your café. This will be a heaven on earth for all the dark academia fans and those who appreciate literature.

3. Illustrated Disposable Cups

You can make your takeout disposable cups stand out from others through illustration. Feature original illustrations on your coffee cups with ink and pen drawings and your brand’s logo to create visual interest.

4. Seasonable Disposable Cups

If you plan to offer holiday discounts and want to get the word out, disposable cups will be, well, at your disposal. Changing cups every season may not be budget-friendly, but you can feature a few special cups now and then to attract customers during holidays.

5. Simple Disposable Cups

When nothing goes right, go minimal.

Simple corrugated disposal cups featuring your brand’s name can also leave an imprint on your customers. In this age of information overload, a disposable coffee cup with your brand’s initial can grab customers’ attention. It also sends a message of sophistication.

6. Hidden Message Disposable Cups

Do you want to engage your customers? Go for a hidden message idea. You can add fun facts, Bible verses, or other hidden messages inside the cup lids. These hidden messages will keep customers coming back for your coffee.

7. Practical Disposable Cup

Executives and professionals prefer practicality. One of the challenges many bars and coffee shops face is getting the right order.

You can tackle this issue by redesigning takeaway cups. These cups can feature a space to write the order number and customer’s name along with a sweet message to balance practicality.

Types of Disposable Cups

Disposable cups are available in foam, plastic, and paper. Each has different attributes and benefits.

Paper cups are safe for hot beverages such as coffee. Not all plastic cups are bio-hazard. Our PP plastic disposable cups are a safer option. These can be used for cold and hot drinks. Foam disposable cups are lightweight, but these are better for cold drinks.

A person holding a custom-printed disposable cup

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