7 Exemplary Brands Using Eco-Friendly Packaging—Be the Next One On the List!

Packaging waste is one of the horrifying realities of today's business environment. Every year billions of waste end up in landfills. Every year, we produce waste, the equivalent of 200,000 Eiffel Towers.

This prompted us to opt for eco-friendly packaging solutions for the food and beverage industry. Click here to explore the options.

Let's look at some of the brands pushing for eco-friendly packaging.

1. Green Alternatives by Zara

Besides the in-store recycling program, this fast fashion brand has taken substantial strides to improve its packaging. The company aims to contribute zero waste by 2025. Zara has taken the initiative to reuse bags, hangers, and boxes.

A single cardboard box can be used five times before it's recycled into a new box.

2. Edible Cup by KFC

The major fast food chain came up with a sustainable packaging idea with its edible coffee cup. The cup resembles any regular cup, except customers can eat it. Though this product idea was never rolled out, this is an example of eco-friendly packaging.

3. Clever Little Bag by Puma

This sports brand has built a packaging system to reduce its eco-footprint and contribute to a greener future.

The company designed new packaging that's cost-effective with minimal deviation. The "Clever Little Bag" reduces energy, diesel, and water consumption at the production level by 60% yearly.

4. Cardboard Packaging by Kelloggs

Plastic packaging is a menace to society. The waste pollutes our seas and has a fatal impact on marine life. Kellogg's, a cereal company, has reduced its plastic footprint through recycled cardboard packaging.

The company recycles76% of the packages to become 100% recyclable and compostable brands by 2025.

5. Recycled Packaging by Calvin Klein

Calvin Klein, in collaboration with How2Recycle, has adopted a new sustainable feature for its packaging. The packaging includes instructions and information on ways to recycle the product packaging. The instructions encourage consumers to recycle or dispose of the waste correctly, so it doesn't end up in landfills.

6. Repurpose Packaging by Samsung

Samsung's sustainable packaging involves repurposing the cardboard. For instance, customers can choose what they want to turn the package into. If they purchase a QLED TV, they can repose the box into a bookshelf, storage box, cat tunnel, tablet or smartphone stand, cat house, desk shelf, magazine rack, pet stairs, or TV console.

The package is also recyclable, but customers can use it for other purposes, which makes unboxing products fun.

7. 100% Recyclable Experience by Gucci

This opulent fashion brand isn't just all about extravaganza. Gucci also offers a 100% recyclable experience to its customers through its new packaging.

The product packages are sustainably sourced dyed paper from certified forests. Cotton ribbons replace the polyester handles. The brand has lowered its excess packaging, and gift boxes only are provided at request.

A person holding a paper bag

Be Part of an Eco-Friendly Business Community!

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