A Guide to Choosing the Right Cup for Your Cold Beverages

There’s a huge difference between cups that hold cold and hot beverages. From their material to size, everything is different based on why they are used.

It’s one of the most-asked questions by our clients, and we thought to clear all trouble once and for all. Keep reading the post if you’re confused about ordering cups for cold beverages.

1. Look for Sustainable and Disposable Cups

A biodegradable cup decomposes and is broken naturally by microorganisms such as fungi or bacteria. These cups are made up of natural and eco-friendly materials and don’t cause environmental damage. You must always look for environmental-friendly cups that are easily disposable to reduce your plastic footprint.

Our company sells disposable utensils, food containers, and all other paper products to restaurants and individuals. We encourage people to make eco-friendly choices as a payback to nature!  

2. Find the Right Type of Cup

     Single-walled cups for cold drinks

You can find many cup options in the market, such as single-walled hot, single-walled cold, double-walled cold, or air pocket insulated. You need to buy single-walled cold for cold beverages. It’s the thinnest cup among all and is particularly used for serving iced tea, soft drinks, etc.

We have a large variety of single-walled cold cups available on our website. Check out our store to order custom print ice cream cups, cold drink cups, and more. You can also get customized paper products from the world’s best manufacturers. Just tell us your requirement, and we will source it for you. We never compromise on quality, so feel free to tell us what you need!

3. Get the Right Size of the Cup

Lastly, you need to find a cup size that fits right with your business model and needs. For instance, if you’re only selling a regular soft drink cup, you don’t need a large-sized cup. Here are the details of cup sizes for soft drinks that you must get for your restaurant.

  • 12oz – Regular soft drink
  • 16oz – Medium soft drink
  • 20oz – Large soft drink
  • 24oz – Extra-large soft drink
  • 32oz – Supersize soft drink

All of these sizes are recommended for soft drinks only. If you’re looking for coffee cups, the sizes will differ.

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