Answering FAQs Regarding Custom Print Cups Cost

Are you a business looking for packaging that is food grade and has no smell, and, of course, no leaks?

But you also want it to be cute, customized, and sell your brand.

Then we at Custom Cup Factory LLC (CCF) have just the products for you and can assist you in designing the perfect packaging for your perfect product, be it cups for yogurt, ice cream, or even a hot beverage like coffee or tea.

We have a range of cups in different materials that can be customized based on your preference and needs.

Got Questions?

No problem. Here are some of the FAQs we get regarding custom print cups.

Question: Is there a deposit? 

Yes, we have a $200.00 deposit that can be applied towards your custom print order or be kept as a credit.

Question: Is The Deposit Refundable?

No. The $200.00 deposit is non-refundable, but as we mentioned, it can be kept as credit and be used for your current or next order.

Question: What Is The Smallest Quantity You Can Print For My Business?

Our minimum order quantity for custom print is 30,000 pieces for cups.

Question: What About The Design?

If you already have a design you would like, we can print that for you. If you don’t, no problem. We offer free design service, so you can work with our experienced team of graphic designers to get exactly what you want. We ensure your brand and packaging product look great!

Our in-house designers collaborate with you to create a design that you adore, and our team of expert designers will walk you through the process, ensuring that each bespoke design is handled with care and accuracy, making it simple for you to take your brand to the next level!



Question How Long Does It Take For Me To Receive The Delivery?

The lead time for custom prints is 8 - 12 weeks. 

5. Can You Tell Me About The Ink? Is It Safe?

That’s a great question. As a Custom Cup Factory that specializes in the foodservice industry’s sourcing and wholesale supply of paper goods, foodservice disposables, and packaging solutions, we, as an online restaurant supply store, only sell high-quality items. For offset printing, we use food-grade ink that is approved for printing and is completely safe.

Got more questions about cost?

We have great customer service at Custom Cup Factory LLC (CCF) and can assist you in finding everything you need for your custom cup designs.  We also have paper cups, custom print ice cream cups, paper straws, and even custom printed paper shopping bags for a complete package.

Not sure which one to pick? Speak to a representative or contact us here.