Choosing the Perfect Container for Desserts

Desserts can be a tough sell outside the restaurant walls. People think a dessert loses its taste and charm if they eat t in a disposable takeout container, but that’s not the case. It all comes down to choosing the right container for delivering your dessert, something that retains its structure, taste, and freshness.

Although takeout orders are popular, especially since the COVID-19 pandemic, desserts are the last thing people consider ordering for delivery. However, with the increase in off-premises eating and home deliveries, restaurants need to come up with innovative packaging ideas to supply fresh food that sustains its taste and temperature.

This blog will take you through some dessert packaging ideas to help you excel. Keep reading to learn more.

The Material of Dessert Containers

Commonly, dessert containers are made of either plastic or paper and have lids or coverings of the same materials. The most important thing is to ensure your lids are leak-proof and do not compromise the quality or presentation of your dessert.

It’s best to list the pros and cons of each material before you choose your material for dessert packaging. Here is a list to help you out:



  • Durable design to protect the dessert
  • The rigid structure ensures the dessert stays in place
  • Leak-prof to maintain freshness


  • Less environmentally friendly compared to other alternatives



  • Lightweight and easier to carry
  • Usually costs less compared to other materials
  • Microwave-safe


  • Once unlined, it can be saturated with smear and moisture



  • Oven-safe option for baking or serving
  • Lightweight and easier to carry
  • Freezer-safe for storage purposes


  • Can compromise the presentation of your dessert

                         A woman standing at the dessert table

The Design of Dessert Containers

The design should be chosen, keeping in mind the type of dessert you are serving. Make sure the container can hold the weight and preserve the structure of the desert. It should be delivered to the customer in one piece, not bits and pieces.

The Window of Dessert Containers

One thing about desserts is that they should look as amazing as they taste. Packing them in a container with clear windows will allow the customers to get a peek into what’s in store for them.

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