How to Choose the Right Food Packaging?

Packaging is an important marketing element. Not only it sends a brand message, but it's also functional, especially for the food and beverages industry.

When choosing food packaging, you need to consider certain elements. For instance, it should hold the food, promote the brand and preserve the product quality.

You can customize food service disposables and packaging solutions at Custom Cup Factory. Continue reading this guide to choose the right packaging for your products.

Step 1: Find A Packaging Designer

First, you should search for some designers who meet your needs. Search online or get referrals from friends and family. Don't rush this process because a designer will be a long-term packaging partner for your business.

Look for multiple designers, compare their prices and clientele, and get acquainted with them before you decide. Some designers offer customized offers. Try to strike a deal with them so you can design packaging based on your branding strategy.

Step 2: Decide A Budget

Consider your budget and affordability. Let the packaging designer know your budget expenditure so they can offer you multiple options. Several factors impact the pricing, including quantity, quality, design, material, and size of the products.

Don't forget to consider per-item and one-time costs. Besides the cost, you should also consider packaging material. There's a whole range of materials available, including glass, cardboard, paper, and PP and PET plastic.

Step 3: Your Food Product

The type of food you're selling will also influence your packaging decision. For instance, your packaging should withstand cold temperatures and consistency if you're selling ice cream. It should also come with a seal to preserve ice cream quality.

Another factor to consider is the container size. You'll need bulk, single-serving, and carton packaging. So let's not make decisions in vain. Your brand should offer different options to customers instead of a standard size.

Step 4: Your Business Setup

How will your customers reach you? Do you display your products online or through a retail store? These types of decisions will affect your packaging.

For instance, if you opt for a retailing business model, opt for attractive packaging that sends a unique brand message. If you're selling online, you can simmer down on packaging design since people prefer cheaper prices when shopping online.

Step 5: Multiple Packaging

We said it earlier. We're saying it again: you'll need more than one packaging. Some products also need outer and inner packaging.

However, don't overdo it because the more packaging boxes you opt for, the more it'll cost. Keep the options limited, so it doesn't overwhelm customers.

Step 6: Creative Design

Now onto the creative part of the packaging: Do some homework by studying your competitors. Take inspiration but don't imitate their design. Get creative with your packaging if you want to set your brand apart from the rest.

Take into account what draws customer attention when they're roaming in a mall or around an aisle. That's the kind of effect you should achieve through your packaging design.

An image of different ranges and sizes of food containers

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