How to Conceptualize Your Paper Yogurt Cups

Businesses worldwide are increasingly embracing innovative methods to lower their carbon footprint, limit their usage of plastics, and positively contribute to society. As more customers become conscious of the environmental implications of plastics and other synthetic packaging materials, the usage of eco-friendly packaging and paper cups has skyrocketed. Using paper yogurt cups instead of synthetic plastics will help create an eco-friendly image for your ice cream, gelato, or frozen yogurt restaurant.  

If you want to expand your brand and provide your clients with a unique experience, it’s time to conceptualize your paper yogurt cups.

Customizing Yogurt Cups with Company Logo

An effective way to market your brand is to use your company’s logo on paper cups and other packaging goods. A sophisticated yogurt cup with a beautifully printed company logo creates a lasting impression on your customers.

Customers are attracted to a product by branding, and it provides a low-cost marketing opportunity to spread brand awareness. Use your creativity to craft unique yogurt paper cups with a company logo.

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Use Exciting Colors

Your paper cups can be printed in a variety of colors. Use exciting and vibrant colors for your paper yogurt cups, but ensure the logo stays prominent. Colors can instantly capture your customers’ attention.

You can also entice customers unexpectedly with themed colors. For example, you can use red and blue colors near the fourth of July or red cups with printed hearts near valentine’s day.

Choosing a Color for Paper Yogurt Cups


To serve your frozen desserts, your business needs a paper cup that is perfect for serving icy-cold items that stay together for a while without melting. Most paper cups can accommodate frozen items. However, when designing your paper yogurt cups, remember that they must be able to keep cold goods frozen.

For this purpose, you might need to insulate your paper cups properly. With proper insulation, not only your frozen dessert will stay in its original shape for a longer time, but it will also be easier for the customers to handle the cup without freezing their hands.

Capacity to Stack

Some restaurants prefer stacking paper yogurt cups because it saves space and offers a great way to ship them. Stackable paper yoghurt cups can easily fit inside a small box without the fear of spilling over. Create your cups with lids that fit them.

Get Custom-Print Paper Yogurt Cups for Your Business

Custom print paper yogurt cups are undoubtedly the best marketing strategy to promote your business. At Custom Cup Factory, we also have a variety of disposable paper cups, custom-printed plastic cups, plastic disposable utensils, custom-print shopping bags, eco-friendly food packaging, and custom food containers.

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