Ice Cream Containers And Lids You Need

Gelato means frozen in Italian, and if there is any right way to have gelato, it is cold and fresh- and definitely without the freezer burn.

This is why you need to shop for eco-friendly disposable cups and ensure you have the right containers with lids not just for serving and delivery but also for storing ice cream.

Freezer Burn

It is critical to store your gelato in a sealed jar to protect your gelato. Avoid using plastic containers because plastics become brittle when frozen. Always look for options that are suitable for freezer use.

Freezer Burn occurs when ice begins to vaporize in the freezer as time passes. What happens is that this causes the liquid in the ice cream to evaporate and combine with the air. It then freezes on the surface, forming those unappealing crunchy crystals.

Smells Like Last Weeks Dinner

Once you have a freezer-safe storage tub, make sure you use a lid to protect your ice cream from tasting like last week's dinner. 

To protect it from the freezer smell, make sure you use a lid like our Bamboo Fiber Soup Container Lid.

ice cream

Cover It Up

Besides using the right container and lids, press a sheet of wax paper or even plastic wrap on top of the ice cream.

Can't find one? Just grab a piece of parchment paper and place it on the surface of the ice cream after scooping or cutting your desired piece.

Then replace the carton cover and place it back in the freezer so you can enjoy it the next time.

Pick From Our Eco-Friendly Cups

Here are some options from The Custom Cup Factory. Choose our eco-friendly custom cups from our Natural Bamboo Fiber Series, or serve your yummy ice cream on the custom print ice cream cups.

Not only do they keep your ice cream fresh, but they are safe for you and the world. They degrade quickly and are made of BPA-FREE materials.

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