Microwave Cooking: 3 Benefits You Didn’t Know About

The best way to get the most nutrients from your food is to cook it from scratch. But how you cook your food can also determine how healthy your diet turns out to be.

In recent years, microwaves have gained immense popularity among health and fitness experts. Despite the stigma around microwaves, their health benefits have now surfaced at the forefront. Read on to discover the advantages of microwave cooking over conventional methods.

1. The Heat Doesn’t Kill the Nutrients

It is common knowledge that nutrients in food can be killed off upon heat application. In most cases, when you’re cooking food by roasting, frying, or boiling, it breaks down essential components. Consequently, you don’t benefit from them when you eat. However, microwaves can resolve this issue.

Since the duration of heat application is shorter in microwaves due to their high speed, all the nutrients remain preserved, allowing you to consume a more holistic meal. Plus, you can even use plastic microwaveable take-out containers to cook food, making them even more convenient.

2. You Don’t Need to Use Oil


When you cook food, you need to add oil. But the more oil you add to your meals, the more calories it adds to your food. Plus, the use of vegetable oil has been tied to increased risk of obesity, cardiovascular diseases, and cancer.

However, microwave cooking doesn’t have this issue. You don’t need to add any oil when cooking food in a microwave, making it a healthier option. If you don’t want to deal with extra calories or processed fats, microwave is the way to cook.

3. Cooking Becomes More Convenient

With busy schedules to keep up, cooking can get tiring. And most people tend to opt for take-out instead of cooking at home, which again is not a healthy option. But when you have a microwave, the cooking process takes much less time, motivating you to cook from scratch. The internet is filled with quick and easy microwave recipes that you can try out.

Try Microwave Cooking for a Healthier Diet

If you haven’t tried cooking in a microwave, now is the time to start. Besides being quick and convenient, it also helps reduce your oil consumption and preserve the nutrients in your food.

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