Not All Cups Are Created Equal – A Comparison Between Paper, Plastic, And Styrofoam

After a worldwide pandemic, no one can ignore the benefits of disposable cups, whether they are plastic, styrofoam, or paper. They are needed to ensure hygiene and make our lives easier.

 A little trip down history would show us that the use of the first cups probably began in imperial China. Back then, they were made from paper because the Chinese invented paper in the 2nd century BC. 

Back then, they were called chihpei and were used to serve tea. The cups came in various sizes and colors and were embellished with beautiful motifs. The same story continues today, except we now have the option to choose a cup that is safe for us and our environment.

Which Is Best?

Since each type of cup has advantages and disadvantages, it's difficult to pick one and say that is superior to the other.

Styrofoam insulates far better than plastic. But does that make it better than plastic?

Actually no.

That is because while it does keep the drinks hot for longer, it has been shown to have quite a negative impact on the environment and is even worse for your health.   

Styrene, a compound found in styrofoam, has been known to cause cancer and impact other senses like the brain and the nervous system. When released into the environment, the styrofoam cups harm our oceans and marine life and also destroy the ozone layer.


Plastic Cups

Plastic cups, on the other hand, are not advised for hot beverages because they lack the insulating capabilities of styrofoam.

The fundamental benefit of disposable cups is their biodegradability. The whole point is that these cups degrade rapidly and safely, but plastic does not.

In fact, while they may be great in performance, plastic cups are very harmful to the environment, and studies have shown that they cause holes in the ozone layer, leaving paper cups as the winner amongst all three.

Pick Our Eco-Friendly Pla Lined Single Wall Cups

But there is another cup that is winning this race. And it is designed from PLA.

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The best part? These plant-material-based cups can be used for hot beverages as well as cold. 

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