Premium PP Cups and Lids- The Little Details That Matter

Anyone who runs a business will tell you the small details make a big difference. For instance, research shows that colors can impact our mood, and the aroma of coffee in a coffee shop can influence mood and memory.

But where does PP fit in all this? It's because your choice as a business represents your values, and little things like choosing the right PP cups and lids matter to your eco-conscious consumer. Not only does making PP fiber mean a low environmental impact, but it also means no hazardous waste and no hazardous emissions. Your customer notices these small details and will appreciate and see you as a conscious company instead of a selfish money-focused organization.

What Is PP? 

Polypropylene (PP) is a thermoplastic. Many call it the "addition polymer" because it contains propylene monomers. It is utilized for several purposes, including consumer goods packagings like PP injection cups and PP lids from The Custom Cup Factory.

Consumers today are well-informed and make calculated well-research decisions. They will skip the plastic straw and choose the paper straw instead because they know and understand the impact of their choices. Similarly, premium PP lids and cans are good for the following reasons. 

          man making a strawberry drink in PP cup

Properties Of PP

When it comes to food and drinks, the plastic mustn't contaminate the food or react with it.

PP is chemical resistant. That means diluted bases and acids do not typically react with polypropylene.

Pour a hot drink into a PET cup, and it will lose its sturdiness. PP, however, keeps its form even after extensive twisting and bending.

What Does This Tell Your Customer?

The PP Injection Plastic Cups feature excellent clarity and are resistant to cracks. This gives them a high-end appearance and quality feel. The result is that they communicate to your consumer that this brand values quality and will always deliver. Choosing the right lid and straw combination adds details like a heart-stopper lid or Premium PP Injection Plastic Cup With Lid + Straw.

Superior Quality And Design,

At The Custom Cup Factory, we focus on quality, design, and our impact on the environment. This is why we have PLA cups that are100% biodegradable. Plus, you could always complement them with eco-friendly paper straws

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