So Little Time - So Many Eco-Friendly Options To Choose From

The year is 2022, and many businesses are trying to reduce the carbon footprint in their products or procedures. With almost everything going eco-friendly, we are a step ahead in offering great discounts on our eco-friendly food packaging products. Check out what we have in store at 10% or more discounts and amazing benefits:

Ice Cream Paper Container

If you are an ice-cream seller, grab the opportunity for exclusive discounts on our eco-friendly ice cream paper containers. Our paper ice cream cups are durable with dual PE-coated disposable paper. Its glossy finish and hard structure make it a durable container for ice cream scoops. Best of all, we have a range of sizes, designs, and colors available. We are offering huge discounts on bulk purchases.

CCF 100% Compostable Three Compartment Bagasse Molded Fiber Hinged Container

Are you starting a nacho business? You may need a bunch of three-compartment containers to arrange all your stuff. Our eco-friendly range of three-compartment containers and plates is the ultimate choice for your business. With our eco-friendly three-compartment containers, you can go green and stay clean! There are many reasons to choose them: biodegradable, microwave safe, strong, and durable. Please make the most of our sale season and grab as many as you can.

16OZ Bagasse Molded Fiber Round Container

There’s nothing more suitable for serving rice than our eco-friendly molded fiber round container. With a huge discount of $30 on our 1000-piece pack, you can cut down costs of your food service significantly and make bigger profits. Our eco-friendly round containers are the best alternative to plastic. Most of all, they are 100% compostable and leak-resistant.

         6OZ 100% Compostable Bagasse Molded Fiber Round Container

CCF Single Compartment Bagasse Molded Fiber Plate

Serving your fried or dry food items in an eco-friendly way is now possible! Our single compartment eco-friendly plates are the best alternative to toxic plastic utensils with a variety in sizes. We guarantee 100% biodegradable material made from unbleached plant fiber. Our eco-friendly plates are grease and soak-resistant, and safe for freezers. The sturdy material makes these plates the best option for outdoor events, picnics, trips, and food service.

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