The Benefits Of Using Biodegradable Food Containers And Cups

Disposable food containers are a major contributor to global waste. Fortunately, food businesses are rapidly shifting to eco-friendly, sustainable options to reduce their carbon footprint. Currently, biodegradable food packaging is the most sustainable option.

However, most business owners are not aware of all the benefits of biodegradable plastic and other types of eco-friendly food containers for their business.

Preserves Natural Resources

When your food business opts for biodegradable food containers and packaging, it preserves the limited natural resources of the world for future generations.

Maintain Health Safety

Such food containers are free of harmful chemicals and toxins, maintaining the health of your workers and customers.


Biodegradable food containers are lighter than traditional plastic and paper options, making transportation less expensive. With scale and innovations in production, they are also rapidly becoming less expensive, making them a highly cost-effective option.

Better Branding and Marketing

More than ever, customers want sustainable and eco-friendly food brands and products. They are aware of all the environmental issues of the world. Using biodegradable food containers means your brand image instantly becomes better than competitors who are still using harmful food packaging.

Your food business can leverage its sustainable choices to build trust among audiences and improve its branding and marketing efforts on every channel.

More Sales

Your sustainable choices make it very easy for customers to pick your food brand over others. The earlier you adapt to sustainable alternatives like biodegradable food containers, the better your sales will be in both the short and long term.

Future-Proofs Your Food Business

Food businesses that rely on natural resources for packaging will eventually face issues with diminishing resources. It only makes sense then to have sustainable practices in place to save the planet and make sure you’re able to continue your business given the looming threat.

Lowers Your Carbon Footprint

Elaborating on the point above, one of the most important benefits of biodegradable food containers is that your business reduces its overall carbon footprint. It decreases the use of limited natural resources, reduces waste in the world, and makes the planet a better place for everyone.

We’ve examined biodegradable food containers in general. Now let’s take a close-up look at cups, specifically.

Advantages of Using Biodegradable Cups Vs. Old-School Plastic

Plastic is the real evil that many countries have to fight against to reduce their carbon footprint. The production of plastic increased from 2.3 tons in 1950 to 448 million tons in 2015. This figure is expected to double by the end of 2050.

Traditional plastic is cheap and versatile, but it’s not biodegradable. Even after 100 years, plastic won’t degrade and will continue increasing worldwide pollution. Marine life is also affected as a significant portion of plastic ends up in oceans.

Today, biodegradable plastics are available if you must use plastic. These consist of starch-based plastics, soy-based plastics, cellulose-based plastics, bacteria-based plastics, lignin-based plastics, and natural fiber-reinforced plastics.

People can make small choices to eliminate using traditional plastic, such as replacing “old school” plastic cups with biodegradable cups. At our company, we encourage people to start using these cups and become more environmentally friendly to reduce their plastic footprint.

Here are some advantages you will get by using biodegradable cups:

  • Eco-Friendly Alternative to Plastic Cups 

There are eco-friendly cups that don’t harm the environment at all. They are easily decomposed with bacterial decomposition and do not pose any sustainability threats. We offer custom food containers and disposable cups online to restaurants and individuals to reduce their plastic footprint.

  • Poses No Harm to Humans or the Environment

Biodegradable cups are normally made of starch, so they don’t pose any harm to humans. These cups are free from harmful chemicals, including PVC and BPA. Plastic cups are more harmful to humans and gradually affect their health. It’s best to switch to disposable cups rather than splurging on a plastic cup that puts you at risk.

  • Perfect to Use on All Occasions 

There are biodegradable cups that don’t require any cleaning. You can dispose of them in a trash can after closing your restaurant for the night. They are also perfect for parties at home, so you don’t have to clean dishes after guests leave. Disposable cups are far more affordable than plastic cups, so you can buy them in bulk and use them for many occasions or even for regular use.

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