The Practice Of Banning Plastic Bags On The East Coast

They seem to be everywhere, wreaking havoc on nature and wildlife, particularly fish. Microplastic kills fish even before they reach the age to reproduce and keep fish populations in check.

But plastic bags – which seem to be everywhere from grocery stores to designer ware packaging are still being used. Let us take a closer look at how they came to be and their impact on our society.

Where Did Plastic Bags Come From?

Plastic bags begin as fossil fuels. Created from plastic, the bags arose from the post-World War II surge of produced plastic home items and rose to popularity in the 1970s. 

By the end of the 1980s, grocery stores in the United States had transitioned from paper to plastic; they were stronger and could resist water. They were even great for storage purposes. Thus, millions of plastic bags followed.


The Damage Done By Plastic Bags

Plastic bags have a significant environmental effect since they take many years to degrade. 

Majority ends up as lethal trash in landfills and the ocean. Birds frequently confuse shredded plastic bags for food, resulting in harmful waste filling their bellies. 

Hungry marine turtles mistake it for food as they can't distinguish between jellyfish and floating plastic shopping bags.

Furthermore, hazardous compounds are released into the soil when plastic bags decompose in sunlight. When plastic bags are burned, a poisonous material is discharged into the air, generating ambient air pollution.

Plastic Bags And Their Ban

Thus, the shopping bags, formerly touted as the world's number one consumer goods as well as the most ubiquitous, are among the world's most banned products. In fact, according to the United Nations, bags were prohibited or taxed in 127 countries as of last July.

On the East coast, the ban came into effect in 2020, leaving many businesses searching for a better eco-friendly alternative.

The Alternate To Plastic Bags

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