What Are The 6 Functions Of Packaging?

Marketing relies heavily on packaging. Packaging is a very successful method of selling the brand in the market, even though some might underrate its importance. Many essential and critical tasks are served by packaging, such as capturing attention and properly holding items so that they reach the buyer in the condition they’re supposed to.

Good packaging also improves brand loyalty and sales. So whether it’s a paper ice cream cup, custom printed shopping bag, yogurt cup, or cold cups with lids, all packaging types have a purpose to serve.

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It's vital that a product remains stable inside its packaging; you don't want your product to move about, especially if it's fragile. Items that are fragile or sensitive must be handled with exceptional care. Glass items, for example, should be properly wrapped so that it does not break.


Packaging is designed to safeguard the items contained within it. Standard packing protects the items from hazards like heat and damage. It is also vital to protect and secure items against contamination, especially for food items.


Good packaging should be simple to use. Design your package so that the product can be easily transported from one place to another. The size and shape of the package should also be easy for suppliers to store or for customers to store at home. The packaging should also be easy to open with a clear method illustrated on the pack.


Good packaging is essential because it draws buyers to the products. The packaging should be engaging and visually appealing because it piques customer interest in the product. It will also provide the buyer a clear picture of what’s inside it. That said, packaging also works to maintain a cohesive brand image and theme.

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Price Points

Another benefit of efficient packing is its low cost. Your product's packaging should not be so pricey that it adds too much to the per piece cost. As a result, selling the products becomes more difficult. So, make sure that you choose efficient packaging solutions to save time and retain revenue.

Product Promotion

Packaging plays a significant part in advertising your products. The amount of times people share photos of exquisite packaging on social media means you can get free word-of-mouth marketing. With the right design, a product may become an ambassador of your business.

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