What To Look For In Disposable Cups, Carriers, And Sleeves For Your Coffee Shop

The love for freshly brewed coffee is making many people think about opening their coffee shops. As exciting as the idea sounds, shopping for disposable sleeves, cups, and carriers for your café can be an exciting yet complex task.

Disposable coffee cups and sleeves are essential for running a hip coffee shop where customers can enjoy to-go beverages at any time of the day. Like many other essential decisions, the coffee cups and sleeves you choose can have a significant impact on your coffee business.

While cutting costs is a good idea, low-quality cups may cause the customers to leave unhappy. Therefore, to turn new customers into loyal ones by helping them avoid leaks, spills, and other inconveniences, picking reliable, high-quality, and eco-friendly cups is the key.

These seemingly trivial decisions can set your coffee shop apart from the competition, making your brand more desirable. Custom Cup Factory offers custom-printed cup sleeves and PET plastic cups for those looking for designs and materials that are nothing but the best for their business. Before you place an order, here are the key features to consider when shopping for eco-friendly disposable cups for your coffee shop.  

1- Choose the Right Size

PET plastic cups come in a variety of sizes for businesses that prefer ordering them in varying sizes to meet different needs. Small, medium, and large cups are available to fill different-sized coffee drinks. You can also order extra-large custom print PET plastic cups if you serve larger sizes.

Additionally, smaller coffee cups help serve single espresso shots, so if your café offers different brews, consider ordering custom sizes for all to give your customers a premium feel and unique experience every time they order a different beverage from your coffee shop. Customized PP and PET plastic lids are also available at the Custom Cup Factory for hot drinks. For smoothies or iced coffees, you'll also need to check out our custom cold cup lids.

                   PP injection cups

2- Opt for Temperature-Resistant and Durable Materials

Weak, thin, and low-quality disposable cups weaken, warp, or break when exposed to hot temperatures. They increase the risk of the piping hot coffee spilling or leaking onto customers, creating a serious liability for your coffee shop.

Always choose disposable coffee cups that are made from recyclable but high-quality materials. PET and PP injection plastic cups are recommended for hot beverages as they're coated with a thin layer to optimize protection. It protects the integrity of the cup and makes it more reliable, stronger, and safer for hot coffee.

You won't have to worry about the cup becoming soggy like traditional paper cups that break under the weight of the beverage. Moreover, PET plastic is durable, light, and environmentally friendly, allowing customers to enjoy iced beverages on the go. These cups are clear, so they help enhance the appeal of unique-looking beverages and colorful smoothies, shakes, or teas.

3- Get Matching Cup Sleeves, Straws, and Cup Carriers

Cup jackets, sleeves, and carriers are very important to make it easier for customers to carry their drinks safely and conveniently. It's ideal to get corrugated cardboard or PE paper sleeves as they provide optimal insulation while helping you advertise your brand through a customized design.

                               eco-friendly cup holder

Shop Eco-Friendly Cups, Carriers, Sleeves, Straws, and More

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