Where Should You Be Buying Your Multi-Colored BOBA Cups and Lids From

Bubble Tea is just one of those beverage concoctions that has become a worldwide hit. The drink originated from Taiwan but is now available, sold, and loved worldwide. Haven’t you had it yet?  

Here is what you are missing out on

What is BOBA?

BOBA’s name comes from Boba pearls. These small balls of pleasure are manufactured from tapioca starch which is derived from cassava root.

If you are concerned about gelatin, rest assured there is no gelatin used when making boba tea.

You will notice that Boba or bubble tea is served in the cutest colorful cups and lids.

Here at Custom Cup Factory LLC (CCF), we have the most colorful cups, lids, and containers for all your BOBA drinks and products. Plus, we also have BOBA drinking straws.

BOBA Drinking Straws

You have a great drink, but you are looking for an eco-friendly option that doesn’t get soggy?

We have premium quality, food-safe straws constructed from food-grade BPA-Free Polypropylene (PP).

These will perfectly fit your requirements and provide your customers with a truly renewable beverage solution. These are excellent for usage in bars and concession stands, but what makes them great is that they are perfect for BOBA drinks.

We have two sizes available, so you can choose the ones you need. Plus, there are several colors and patterns available that you can choose based on your branding.

Like them wrapped? No problem. We have both wrapped and unwrapped options available.

Boba Cups And Lids

Love color? Want to customize it based on your brand and make your product pop?

We have these colorful cups and lids for you

The Premium PP Injection Lock-back lids keep lids open for drinking and may be closed to prevent messy leaks after!

Plus, they are available in various colors, so you can pick and choose your favorite!

woman drinking from cup

More Eco-Friendly Options 

Looking for more options?

We have great eco-friendly cups as well as paper cups, paper ice cream containers, paper straws, and even custom printed paper shopping bags.

Our Bamboo series also includes leak-proof soup containers and meal boxes that are compostable and biodegradable since they are constructed entirely of bamboo fiber. 

We are an online restaurant supply store and can assist you in finding everything you need! Contact us here.