Where To Buy Your Bakery Boxes For Your Small Business

Running your custom cake or brownie business is no easy feat. Apart from getting the recipe down to perfect, your small bakery businesses also need to ensure that the packaging is on point. Nobody wants the cake in a box that is soggy from the bottom or cupcakes that roll around in the box.

The packaging should never be ignored, no matter how great your product is. Thisis why you must ensure you are buying the right custom-printed food boxes from the right place.

At The Custom Cup Factory, we not only customize the boxes but also make them easy to use and safe for storage. Here's how:

Branding Your Boxes

For a small business, creating a brand is very important. It can help you stand out from your competition and create brand value. Packaging and custom printed material with your brand logo and marketing colors are a great way to attract the customer's attention and communicate your goals and values to the customer. 

We encourage customers to design custom print bowls, containers, boxes, and even paper bags for their business to grow their brand.

                          colorful macaroons in a box

High-Quality Food Grade Inks

Bakery items like cupcakes, cakes, and tarts need sturdy boxes that are high quality and printed with food-grade inks. This is also our top priority as we understand that the packaging is a representation of your brand, and low-quality packaging can leave a bad impression on the customers. 

Storage Space 

As a bakery, you must ensure your packaging material doesn't take up all the space. Do you have space for stacking up boxes 6 by 6 in your small kitchen? This is why we ship our boxes in compact stacks, making them easy to assemble and store.

Shop For Eco-Friendly Food Packaging

Go 'clean and green' with us by shopping our clean and green collection. At The Custom Cup Factory, we focus on quality and design and want the best for your bakery business.

Since we are an online restaurant supply store, you can shop online for eco-friendly food packaging and custom restaurant supplies. Work with our designers to customize packagings like ice cream containers and yogurt cups for your brand.

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