Why Modern Restaurants Want to Stick with Disposable Serveware Post COVID

Covid 19 changed the way we looked at the world! It is amazing what a difference a worldwide health catastrophe can make.

With masks and sanitizers becoming daily items of use, disposable packaging also became the only alternative as businesses across the United States frantically shifted to takeaway services to survive.

Even when some of those eateries began to serve clients indoors, plastic-sealed paper napkins and cutlery, takeaway boxes, and biodegradable cups remained.

Hotels and even spas made sure their utensils and tools were sterilized and sealed in plastics to prevent any spread of disease or germs.

                           disposable serve ware

Post Pandemic:

With the pandemic behind us, most modern restaurants still want to stick to disposable

cups and serve ware. Because when it comes to food, hygiene matters to customers.

While the CDC recommends that reusable goods be handled and sterilized correctly,

restaurateurs prefer disposable solutions.

It just is one tiny step for them, especially if they already have great sanitization protocols in place.

This is why even today, you will find many restaurants serving food and not only takeaway in eco-friendly disposable cups, disposable cutlery, drink containers, and storage containers that are 100% biodegradable and hygienic.

Recyclability And Eco-Friendly

The fact that most of these paper, bamboo, and plant fiber products can be easily recycled makes them a great trend.

In terms of recyclability, 68 percent of paper products were recycled in 2018, which

makes it great for the environment as opposed to plastic. Bamboo and unbleached plant fiber are also great alternates which is why we at Custom Cup Factory LLC (CCF) have a Bamboo series. These include soup containers and meal boxes that are compostable and biodegradable since they are constructed entirely of bamboo fiber. 

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