CCF 24OZ(D90MM) Premium PP Injection Plastic Cup - Frosted 500 Pieces/Case

CCF 24OZ(D90MM) Premium PP Injection Plastic Cup - Frosted 500 Pieces/Case

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Premium PP plastic cold drink cup thicken packing injection cup, our plastic cold cups have a superb clarity and crack resistance for a high end look and feel. Easily recyclable where available, they also feature excellent taste and odor integrity. The ideal cup choice where appearance and product visibility are important. Superb clarity and crack resistance of a glass like look and feel for premium drink applications.

Available sizes: 16oz, 24oz

24oz Cups come in 500 pieces/case, each quantity is 1 case.

24oz is 90MM diameter.

*Lids sold separately*

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The unique sealing design has the characteristics of strong sealing, anti-overflow and anti-smell. It can prevent food from being contaminated and the soup leaks, which effectively prolongs the shelf life of the drink. Thick material, fine workmanship, round mouth. It is non-toxic and has no side effects on the human body during production and use. It is easy to use and low in cost, and has been widely used in the catering industry. Due to the use of environmentally friendly materials, it can be recycled without causing serious environmental pollution and has high environmental value.
Scope of application: supermarkets, families, fast food restaurants, convenience stores.

Product advantages:
1. Material is environmentally safe and can be in direct contact with Drink.
2. Plastic material, not easy to deform
3. High transparency and good thermoplasticity
4. Complete technology, support customization
5. With cover design, dustproof and moisture proof