CCF 54OZ Paper Fold Meal Box - White
CCF 54OZ Paper Fold Meal Box - White

CCF 54OZ Paper Fold Meal Box - White

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These lightweight paper boxes are perfect for take out and togo orders with the easy to use fold design! They are also microwavable for reheating. Great for rice, noodles, sandwiches, dessert, and much more!

There are a variety of colors and designs available!

Available sizes:  30oz, 48oz, 54oz, 76oz, 110oz.

Available material: Kraft paper, White paper.

54oz to-go boxes come in 200 pieces/case, each quantity is 1 case.

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  • Made out of environmentally-friendly, this container ensures quality and microwave safe, it’s Stackable, Recyclable Leak and Grease Resistant to Go Food Containers, the one piece design helps keep food fresh by keeping heat
  • Featuring an attractive and convenient design, convenient food container ready when you need it, this convenience box is a perfect complement to any busy family or convenience store, buy in bulk and save
  • It can be used for all kinds of items besides food, great for hot food or cold food, perfect for restaurants and social events, and great for use as Party Favors, Small Cookies, Candies and more
  • Size big enough to house light meals, sides or desserts, great for packaging. Good size to fit and nice, and easy to close, you can send home leftovers from big party or restaurant
  • It's foldable and recyclable, environmentally-friendly, perfect for meal prep, food storage, or take out containers. These are perfect because they are recycled so you can feel better about using them. It is odorless, using these can protect our environment. People should reduce the use of plastic.