CCF Individual Wrap Heavy Duty PP Plastic Spoon - Black 1000 Pieces/Case

CCF Individual Wrap Heavy Duty PP Plastic Spoon - Black 1000 Pieces/Case

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The signature individually wrapped spoons are fit for individual portions or as a unique addition for larger plates. It add an elegant and fresh ambiance to your table setting without compromising on your after-meal time. Wrapped in a clear poly wrapper, each spoon is protected from contamination and dirt, keeping it sanitary during storage. You can fill your flatware bins with these individually wrapped utensils for guests to grab on the go at your quick-serve restaurant, or send them along with your customers in to-go boxes and take-out bags. Cutlery Ideal for every meal setting, from your everyday use to parties, picnics, on the go meals, the workplace, special occasions, food industry businesses, and for keeping in your purse in case needed. 

These spoons can hold more liquid than normal disposable spoons. Scoop, drink a.100% Food-Grade and made from BPA-free plastic.

Spoons come in 1000 pieces/case. Each quantity added is 1 case.


Length 6.5 inches
Width 1.45 inches
Depth 0.5 inches
Material Heavy Duty Polypropylene
Color Black
Pieces Per Case 1000 Pieces/Case (50 Pieces/Sleeve & 20 Sleeves/Case)


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