Custom Print Paper Popcorn/Fried Chicken Buckets

Custom Print Paper Popcorn/Fried Chicken Buckets

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- This $200.00 deposit is NON-REFUNDABLE and can only be applied as a credit toward your custom print order as a credit.

- Custom Print Minimum Order Quantity: 50,000 pieces

- Lead Time:  8 - 12 weeks


This paper popcorn/fried chicken bucket is both leakproof and attractive. Easy to fill and a nice flat bottom for placing on a table or a lap.  The large portion sizes make sharing fun. Perfect for Theatres, Arenas, Stadiums, or just fun times. Consists of pressure welded side seams and rigid tightly rolled rims. All sizes have PE coating which holds up to the hot buttery topping so many love to have poured on top of their popcorn.

There are a variety of colors and designs available!

Available size: 85oz, 130oz, 170oz. 

To order this product or reach us with any questions give us a call or use the chat button on the bottom right. We'd love to chat with you and provide you more information on design, sizing, and more!

Our in house designers work with you to come up with a design you love.

Our team will guide you through the process, ensures every custom design gets treated with care and precision, make it easy for you and take your brand to the next level!